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Prerolled: Best Buds Vol. 4 Re-Up CD


Welcome to the RE-UP sucka!!! This old school Outbreak Monkey Mixtape has been Out-of-Print and out of circulation for a grip now (like 10 years). But fret not young one! This Mixtape is being made available again for a super limited run!! We don't need boxes of unsold shit laying around so grab one while you can. These might disappear faster than a bag of smoke at *enter famous stoner here* crib!!!

IMPORTANT! - Oh shit ya'll!!! Looks like we kinda fucked up and the 1st run of this had the WRONG COVER on it! Damn, our bad. So if you're interested in that kinda thing, you can grab the Correct Version AND the Misprint Cover for just a handful of bucks more!! I'm looking at you collectors!!!

1. Introvention (Prerolled)
2. Misunderstood Minds (Alternate Version)
3. Horror Movie Life (feat. Mr. Green)
4. Would You Like Fries with That (Skit)
5. Own Worst Enemy (feat. Tali Demon) (Saint SizzleMix)
6. Old & Dirty (feat. Ian Stone of Dark Half)
7. Wicked Wis Party
8. Melody Abuse (feat. Saint Sinna) (DesecratedMix)
9. Forever Halloween
10. Devil On My Shoulder (Nightfall Invasion)
11. Organ Grinder
12. Dead Sexy (Nightfall Invasion)
13. Run Like Hell (with Likewize & Intrinzik)
14. Keep It Killa Remix (with Tha Morgue)
15. Mind Over Murder
16. Happy Death Day! (Skit)
17. Wicked Wisconsin Killed Me (Bad MindMix)
18. Get Ready for the Sickness (Outro)
*Bonus Track*
19. Rock Yo Lava (Meltdown & Molten Liquid)

Please allow 1-3 days for Processing & Shipping.