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Prerolled: Monkey Funk Vol. 3 Re-Up CD

Image of Prerolled: Monkey Funk Vol. 3 Re-Up CD


Welcome to the RE-UP sucka!!! This old school Outbreak Monkey Mixtape has been Out-of-Print and out of circulation for a grip now (like 12 years). But fret not young one! This Mixtape is being made available again for a super limited run!! We don't need boxes of unsold shit laying around so grab one while you can. These might disappear faster than a bag of smoke at *enter famous stoner here* crib!!!

1. Keep It Unreal (Prerolled)
2. Clouded Vision (feat. Mr. Green)
3. The Way I See It
4. Got that Funk
5. Collabine Sampler Outtake #1 (with Mr. Green)
6. Inhale (feat. GrewSum)
7. Dark Thoughts
8. Take a Trip 2 Dopeland (feat. Epitaph, Beastman & Mr. Green)
9. Nothing Left (feat. Magnetik)
10. Collabine Sampler Outtake #2 (with DJ Tom E)
11. The Devils Toy
12. Lost in the Mist
*Bonus Tracks*
13. Never Sleep Again (Remix 2)
14. The Name is… (feat. Mr. Green)
15. Chunky Munkey
16. Collabine Sampler (Part 1)

Please allow 1-3 days for Processing & Shipping.