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Prerolled: Radio Vol. 1 (CD)

Image of Prerolled: Radio Vol. 1 (CD)


As part of OBM's "Blast from the Past" Collection, "Prerolled: Radio Vol. 1" is being Re-released with only a very limited amount of copies pressed. This limited run will be the very last of its kind and is even slightly altered from its original release and includes a reversible Insert featuring the original Cover (yeah this is not so special lol)! This was OBM's half-assed attempt at doing a COVER ALBUM and it turned out quite entertaining and funny. Grab "Vol. 1" and make the wait for "Vol. 2" a little easier on yourself.

Track List:

1. 69.9 FM (Intro) - by "DJ Monkey Nuts"
2. Master of the Radio - by "Dustin Dahmer"
3. Glitter is Gold - by "Stomp Lips"
4. The Very Best - by "Franklin Paige"
5. Cherry ChapStick - by "Franky Perry"
6. Monkeys Gone Wild! (Interlude) - by "Frankseph O. Francis"
7. Ape Tales - by "Frank Pescetto"
8. Fish in the Sea - by "Uncle Monkey"
9. Gummi Monkeys - by "Gorilla Milla"
10. The Montage Song - by "Franky Esposito"
11. Action News at 9! (Interlude) - by "Randy Bush"
12. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone - by "Monkey Mouth Apple"
13. Hit the Floor - by "Swimming Water"
14. Lets Get Dangerous - by "Frank Pescetto"
15. The Body - by "Monk E. King"

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