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Prerolled: Rerolled & Reburned (CD)

Image of Prerolled: Rerolled & Reburned (CD)


As part of OBM's "Blast from the Past" Collection, "Prerolled: Rerolled & Reburned" is being Re-released with only a very limited amount of copies pressed. This limited run is the only and very last of its kind since this release has never been "officially" pressed and is even slightly altered from its original release and includes a reversible Insert featuring the original Cover. This was OBM's very first release from back in 2008 and has never before been available for sale. This is a premium item intended for hardcore OBM collector's. Lets take it all the way back to the beginning and join the Monkey on his quest on becoming the 13th Wonder of the World he is now known for.

Track List:

1. Shine On (Prerolled)
2. Pass it On (feat. Magnetik)
3. Not the Same
4. Never Sleep Again (MagRemix)
5. Cursed (feat. IKON)
6. Shot Up Club
7. Respect (feat. Magnetik & IKON)
8. My Militia
9. Volume Deuce (Prerolled)
10. Nightfall
11. Song Title Unavailable (feat. Mr. Green)
12. Never Sleep Again (OG Version)
13. Inside the Mind of a Monkey
14. Great Pumpkin (Remake)
15. Not Forgotten (feat. Magnetik)
16. Remember Me
17. The Doritos Song

Please allow 1-3 days for Processing & Shipping.