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The Great Ganja Monkey (Gorillaween) (CD + Sticker)


Worried about Halloween being cancelled? Fuck man, us too! But fear not, OBM is here with a little Summerween treat for all of you. Incase you missed out earlier this year (or want it for the Collection), we present to you "The Great Ganja Monkey" with a special Gorillaween Variant Cover!

What up my... "Ganjalos"? Ohhhhh do we have a spcial treat for all you boils and ghouls! Are you ready to get your fake hair blown backwards with this dope "Greenest Hits" collection from the one and only Outbreak Monkey? We take you waaaaay the fuck back and present you with every ganja themed track from the beginning to the present, along with some new stuff sandwiched (hmmm... food) at the start and end. Presented in a homage/parody fashion this album also comes with a Alternate OBM "Monkey Man" Sticker!

Track List:

1. The Great Ganja Monkey (Intro) - (2020)
2. Pass it On (feat. Magnetik) - (2008)
3. Got that Funk - (2009)
4. Herbicals (feat. J Reno) - (2012)
5. Dead Stoned - (2012)
6. Sticky Icky Evil - (2013)
7. Got High with Gizmo - (2013)
8. Pizza, Pussy, Games & Weed - (2016)
9. Monkey's Shop of Botany - (2016)
10. Dickin' Around (Interlude) - (2016)
11. The Devil's Lettuce (feat. ToeTag & $woop) - (2016)
12. The Merchant (Skit) - (2019)
13. Stoner Problems (feat. Insane LOC & Madd Maxxx) - (2019)
14. OBM History: The 1st Time I Got High - (2020)

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