Welcome to My Monkey Business!

- A Word from ME to YOU

Two things I pride Myself and the Monkey Music Shop of are...

1. FAST Shipping. Orders will usually go out within the first 24 hours of being placed. I've stood in line once at the Post Office during a Holiday weekend for an hour and a half... just to ship out a 6$ CD. Things like that show... I care about the customer.

2. GOOD Quality. My graphics are topnotch and nothing I do looks half assed and get pressed on high quality material. I care about my presentation and try to provide with the best I can at the moment. I press in short runs, which means I pay more upfront and get less in return.

...as far as I'm concerned my Customers are 100% satisfied, and then some (not coming thru with payment while items are shipped already gets you backlisted forever motherfucker).

I wanna THANK YOU for supporting what I do!

Outbreak Monkey -