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Monkey Rhymes Vol. 1 (CD + Insert)


First it was announced as "Everybody's Secret"... then the project went on the burner behind the backburner. Then it came back into the light as "Leftover, Fucked Up & Remixed"... yup, that shit got pushed behind the oven this time where it collected dust along with those burned pizza crumbs and mold. But now, years later, we are finally ready to present... "MONKEY RHYMES" (Volume. 1)!!! OBM's collection of Unreleased, Lost, Remixed, Scrapped and New Shit! Also available is the Alternate Cover for you Collectors!

Track List:

1. In a World (Intro)
2. Rapper Epidemic
3. From Berlin & Moscow with Hate (feat. Scum) (Original Version)
4. Enter the Green Pipe Theme
5. Caller #13 (Skit)
6. Organ Grinder (Demo Version)
7. Sponsor & Venus Shout-Out (Interlude)
8. Hip-Hop Stick Up (feat. Leaders of the Lost) (MagRemix)
9. Monkey Klause
10. Oh No!
11. Bottom of My Heart

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