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Part: I (CD w/ Bonus Flavor)

$10.00 - $15.00

The Year is 2022 and spooky season is approaching with the quickness! Are you ready to get down with this year's Halloween... Single...? Mini-EP...? or whatever else you wanna call it??? Hitting hard with 3 Brand New Tracks, 3 Stickers and a dope ass Magnet for that munchie box in the kitchen (or wherever you put Magnets, I don't know, figure out, I'm not your dad)! Only a Limited number of copies pressed!!!

Felling Lucky Punk?! Pick the "Trick or Treat" option below and get 1 Random in-stock CD & 1 Random in-stock Sticker for only 5 extra bones. CD and Sticker will not be a duplicate of an already existing item placed in the same Order. Also, don't be a hoe... no requests!

Track List:

1. Tales from the Rotten Pumpkin - SIDE A
2. High on Halloween - SIDE B
3. Revenge (Rock Mix) - BONUS SHIT

What You Get:

- CD (w/ Limited Edition Hype Sticker)
- Tricky Treats Sticker
- Bloody Tears Sticker
- Bud Busters Sticker
- Pizza of the Dead Magnet

Please allow 1-3 Days for Processing and Shipping.