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Welcome to the Stoned Age (CD)


"Welcome to the Stoned Age" is the 4th Full-Length album from the one and only motherfuckin "Outbreak Monkey" and it's brining some much needed heat to the underground scene. Featuring some dope guest spots and production by "LepriKon" & "Fiasco Andretti", this is one album you need to bump... before we all go extinct again. Imagine Gangsta Rap, Nerdcore, Horrorcore, Hip-Hop and that Stoner shit all making some of that sweet, sweet love and you end up with this... a dope ass fucking record!

Track List:

1. Night of the Comet (Intro)
2. Stoned Age
3. Toxic (feat. Menacide)
4. One Shot
5. Stoner Problems (feat. Insane LOC & Madd Maxxx)
6. Oh No! (feat. Mars)
7. Level Up
8. Death Made Me Famous (feat. GrewSum)
9. Rest in Piss
10. Humble (feat. McNastee & Intrinzik)
11. Demons
12. Sharptooth Showdown
13. Don't Follow Me

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