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Dawn of the Pumpkins (Candy Kit) (Bundle)


Here we are once again with another super sweet treat for all you Collectors and hardcore OBM fans. No worries, no bullshit tricks here, just some tasty Exclusive items! The Cover was another dope collaboration between OBM & Justin Parker (Killator/Horrible Home Video)! Open up your bag and see what treats are inside... the "Candy Kit"!

- Dawn of the Pumpkins (CD) (Exclusive Cover)
- Residence of Evil Anthology (Exclusive Bonus CD)
- Attack of the Killer Pumpkins (Sticker)
- Candy Kit Bag with Sticker Seal
- Gummy Candy (2 Mini Bags)

Limited to 20 Bundles.

Please allow 1-3 days for Processing and Shipping.